About our Institute


Kazan E.K. Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute of the Kazan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KPhTI) is one of leading world centers in the field of radiospectroscopy.

The institute was organized in August of 1945 as a part of the Kazan Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences.  The formation and development of physical research at the KPhTI were determined by  the discovery of the phenomenon of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) in Kazan in 1944 by Evgenii Konstantinovich Zavoisky. In 1984 the institute was named after E.K. Zavoisky.

At the present time 130 researchers work in 16 scientific units of the institute equipped with modern equipment.

The main fields of research carried out at the institute are:

  1. Quantum information processing
  2. Electron paramagnetic resonance in spin physics and spin chemistry
  3. Nanophysics of promising materials and hybrid mesoscopic structures
  4. Coherent and nonlinear optics
  5. Synthesis and study new materials and structures with the given functional properties
  6. Ion-beam modification of materials
  7. Magnetic resonance methods in biomedical physics

In recent years important results were obtained in the field of the development of the methodology and applications of EPR, quantum memory, nanotechnologies, coherent optical solid-state spectroscopy, fast processes and non-trivial properties of new materials.

The development, creation and introduction into exploitation of medical magnetic resonance tomographs are successfully carried out at the institute.

Applied research and engineering for machine building carried out at the institute are in demand by the industry of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Joint research is conducted in collaboration with many universities and institutes of the Russian Federation and organizations abroad: the scientific ties with Kazan universities are especially close.

KPhTI conducts the training of scientific personnel in the field of "Physics and Astronomy" and the dissertational council on awarding the scientific degree of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences functions at the institute. KPhTI is the basis institute of the Chair of Chemical Physics of the Institute of Physics, Kazan Federal University.

The International Zavoisky Award in recognition of truly outstanding applications or development of electron paramagnetic resonance plays an important role in strengthening the international authority of the institute. KPhTI participates directly in organizing the award ceremony.

The annual international conference Modern Development of Magnetic Resonance, which started in 1991, gives KPhTI a special status in the world scientific community.  At the present time this conference is held under the auspices of the AMPERE Society, the oldest international magnetic resonance society.

Starting from 1990, KPhTI collaborates with Springer-Verlag on publishing the international journal “Applied Magnetic Resonance” devoted to applications of magnetic resonance in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, geochemistry, ecology etc.